Sign here for appeal and emergency motion on health reforms

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  • the appeal to allow conference to debate NHS reforms (see this page for more information)


  • the emergency motion on health reforms (see this page for more information)

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10 comments on “Sign here for appeal and emergency motion on health reforms
  1. Robin Saunders says:

    I am a LibDem member but not a conference rep, and wish to support the above appeal and motion. Is there another place I can sign?

  2. Geoff Harris says:

    The Coalition Agreement was signed by both parties and endorsed by our Special Conference. It cannot be varied without the consent of all those who signed or endorsed it. As Lansley’s proposals are not in it they are therefore invalid.

  3. Ann Kerridge says:

    On the NHS the party trusts Shirley Williams and Evan Harris more than our party leaders.

  4. Cllr Bill Winlow says:

    One of the reasons my wife and I joined the Liberal Party in 1974 was to protect the NHS from privatisation after experiencing the health system in the USA. That odious system was, and still is, good for the wealthy and dreadful for the poor. We must prevent our NHS from going in the same direction.

  5. Angela Style says:

    Unforunately I am unable to attend Conference this year. However, I support Shirley Williams’s viewpoint all way. We have to make a stand on this matter and ensure that the Public know that it is the Liberal Democrats who are protecting their interests for the coninuation of the NHS as a public service and that we will not permit it to be privatised through the back door.

  6. Dr Jack Priestley says:

    Until 2 years ago I was a Conference rep for the Central Devon Constituency. I was unable to attend last year or this and am now wavering about whether or not to remain in the Party. I am 100% in favour of Shirley Williams’ stance.

  7. Cllr Brian Dash says:

    Ann Kerridge is spot on. She has said it all and I hope all conference reps will respond accordingly.

  8. Britons were justly proud of our NHS. We still are on the whole. We cannot allow it to be diluted or metamorphosed into a USA style service which is wonderful for the rich but disastrous for the less well off (can bankrupt them) and barely works at all for the poor. Improve administration in this great public service don’t privatise it.

  9. County Coun Tony Pimblett says:

    The reason I am a member of the Lib Dems is that all my life I have seen new governments come into power and change things just because they were not their ideas. Again the NHS and the Police are under attack, instead of improving on what is in place everything is to be changed again at massive cost and to the detriment of ordinary residents. 50 million people in the US have no health care, do we need that to happen to our people, I think not.

  10. Bev Rolfe says:

    This matter is SO important it simply must be debated to show our leaders how we feel, as they are not, currently, listening to their members it seems. The current reforms will leave huge numbers of people in ‘the mire’. NHS and Social Welfare in this country are of paramount importance – that’s what we pay all of our NI contributions for (or that was the original idea).

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