Autumn Conference motions 2 – feedback from comments so far

Wordles aren’t always as useful as they could be, but this summary of comments over the last few days about what topics the Social Liberal Forum should propose motions on at autumn conference seems quite clear:
Wordle: SLF Autumn Conference priorities

Schools is a clear priority, although local, government, housing and tax also score quite highly. Prateek Buch advises against making any decisions before budget day and while there is certainly merit in that, it certainly seems that there is already a lot to go on regarding education policy.

Any suggestions of specific wording?

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One comment on “Autumn Conference motions 2 – feedback from comments so far
  1. Mark Yeates says:

    Maintaining our distinction and preparing our battle with the voters and opposition in the next election (18 months time or 2015 / whenever). Getting our message across that the policies in the coalition are not necessarily those of The Liberal Democrats as a whole.

    How we achieve these aims and objectives needs Central Office to be more open about policy and strategy to the members.

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