Another successful conference

The Social Liberal Forum had another successful conference, with two fringe meetings that were standing room only. This was perhaps not surprising for our joint fringe with the One Society campaign on equality, but our evening session was an ostensibly much drier affair, to adopt a constitution so that the SLF can become a membership organisation. It was surprising – and very encouraging – that so many people turned up to give us such a flying start.

We’ll have more up about conference and where the organisation goes from here soon but in the meantime I just wanted to write a short note to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and inspiration. It really means a lot.

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5 comments on “Another successful conference
  1. james says:

    Be warned – once it becomes a membership organisation, you’ll be accused of wanting to split from the Liberals. ;-)

  2. James Graham says:

    The way we’ve written our constitution would make that very difficult, but we’ve had a weekend of journalists writing wildly speculative things about us based on the most paltry evidence so we are rapidly learning to grow thick skins!

  3. Neil Stretton says:

    I really welcome the news of a formal start up for the Forum, with membership arrangements and a constitution – such a body is long overdue ! I still look forward to hearing a reply though from my earlier post – about what is happening (happened ?!) to the Beveridge Group – is it still in existence; if so, how will there be joint working / will the organisations (if such a thing could be described for the Group !) merge ? There seems to be much in common in the aims of the two bodies.

  4. James Graham says:


    The short answer to your question regarding Beveridge is that I don’t know and it’s up to them what they do with their group. But that there has been a fair bit of crossover between the two groups from the beginning. We haven’t broached them about formally combining our forces. Perhaps this is something for the new council to discuss.

  5. james says:

    I wasn’t talking about journalists, James! There will be some suspicion amongst your fellow party members….

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