The Ideas Factory

Got an idea you think should be in the Lib Dem manifesto?  We want to hear it!

As part of the Social Liberal Forum’s contribution to the Liberal Democrat policy making process, we are inviting people (whether they are party members or not) to write a short article about their big idea, and invite a debate on the subject.

To kick start the debate, we will be getting members of the Social Liberal Forum’s Executive Team and Advisory Board to add a short response and then open the topic to general discussion.  Visitors to the website will also be allowed to vote on whether they like the idea or not.  We will send the ideas – and their responses – to the Liberal Democrat Manifesto Working Group.

So if you have an idea, send your short article (max 500 words) to manifesto *at*

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One comment on “The Ideas Factory
  1. Peter1919 says:

    Make the national minimum wage such that someone working 37 hours a week earns enough to be able to afford a socially acceptable standard of living in Britain today ( Then make the personal allowance such that no one pays income tax (or national insurance for that matter) on income below this levelIt is unacceptable to me that we have people working full time jobs who are unable to aford to live at what people think is the minimum standard and yet the goverment is still taking income tax and NI off these people

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