And we’re off!

As reported in the Liberal Democrat News yesterday, the Social Liberal Forum has now been launched.  Our Director, Matthew Sowemimo, has also written a short article on Lib Dem Voice.

Our launch appears to have caused a bit of a stir – which is kind of the point.  You can follow the debate by going to Cobden’s Comments, The People’s Republic of Mortimer, Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! and Charlotte Gore Blog (apologies if I missed anyone out – just add them in the comments below and I will append).

UPDATE: more coverage on Eaten by Missionaries.

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2 comments on “And we’re off!
  1. Anonymous says:

    How does the Social Liberal Forum differ from the Beveridge Group?

  2. James Graham says:

    Fundamentally, the key difference is that we are run by different people. With that said, we do have a number of Beveridge Group members on our advisory board, most notably Paul Holmes MP.  We don’t see ourselves as in competition with the Beveridge Group at all.

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