With a parliamentary party consisting of 112 peers and 8 MPs, the Liberal Democrats now have the largest ratio of peers-to-MPs at any time in the history of any major UK political party. The Lords look set to wield a strong influence on the party’s direction over the next parliament, with 14 of the party’s 22 current frontbench spokespersons already drawn from there.

Dr Seth Thévoz has conducted for the Social Liberal Forum a detailed study into the effectiveness of the Interim Peers Panel System for electing Liberal Democrat nominees to the House of Lords.

As Dr Seth Thévoz says:

"Given the extremely low awareness of these peers I felt it might be instructive to look at how the present batch of 112 peers came to be appointed, and how well the appointment process worked."

The full 28 page report can be viewed here 

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  • Thanks for your comment, Siobhan, and for the eagle-eyed observation. The table’s now been amended accordingly. I’m also grateful to an election candidate who contacted me to point out that their name had been misspelt on the original ballot paper (and so was misspelt in the official election results that were published), and so ended up being misspelt here too – that’s been tweaked, too! I’m glad you found the study worthwhile.
  • Really interesting and worthwhile study. Thanks for the painstaking analysis and inevitable conclusions and recommendations. Though can I geekily point out one error – Table 8, 70 includes Jeremy Purvis MSP as an ex officio never elevated. He is now Lord Purvis of Tweed.
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    A new report by Dr Seth Thévoz asks "Electing the Lords - how did that work out for the Lib Dems?"
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    A new report by Dr Seth Thévoz asks "Electing the Lords - how did that work out for the Lib Dems?" http://www.socialliberal.net/electing_the_lords_how_did_that_work_out_for_the_lib_dems?recruiter_id=7837