The Social Liberal Forum exists to nurture and demonstrate progressive liberal values, working with social liberals across all political parties and none.

We challenge current inward-looking, pessimistic narratives, by offering credible solutions to society’s problems. These are based on the founding Beveridge principles that the welfare state should provide a safety net beneath which none shall fall but all can rise. 

We take action together and as individuals to increase social justice, to ensure that all citizens have access to the wealth, power and opportunity needed to maximise their talents to the full.

Above all, we emphasise freedom and fairness so that everyone, regardless of background, is free from conformity and social hardship.

The Forum is run by volunteers and is governed by a constitution which is available to read here.

Social Liberal Forum Council

The Social Liberal Forum elects members to its governing council every two years.  The most recent elections took place in August 2018.

Members elected to the SLF 2018-2020 Council are listed below in alphabetical order:

James Baillie Ryan Mercer
Natalie Bird Geoff Payne
Louise Harris Paul Pettinger
Iain Brodie-Browne George Potter
Arif Erdogan Denali Ranasinghe
David Grace Stephen Richmond
Paul Hindley James Sandbach
Neil Hughes Joe Toovey
Tara Hussain Martin Walker
Gordon Lishman  

Clicking on a council member's name will take you to the manifesto which they provided as part of their nomination (where available).

Social Liberal Forum Executive

The Forum is run day-to-day by an executive consisting of the following volunteers: 


Vice Chair: 


Head of Events:

Head of Conferences: